Hi To Your Loved Ones.

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Tune in to see what Ben is up to in the latest episode on Cartoon Network to find out what alien the omnitrix will turn him into next! Ben Tennyson is just like any other normal 10 year old boy, but the watch that he found in the woods soon turns out to be no ordinary wrist watch! It's the Omnitrix - an amazing device that transforms Ben into different species of alien whenever he needs to fight off the evil aliens and clamp down on crime! In all there are 10 different aliens that Ben can be transformed into, thanks to the extraordinary Omnitrix wrist watch. Make sure you don't miss out on the action as Ben faces many encounters with his arch enemy, Kevin 11, and needs all the powers of the Omnitrix to overcome his evil plots and keep the world safe from danger. Enjoy Ben 10 on Cartoon Network and get to know the characters in this fascinating cartoon. Aside from Ben and his nemesis, Kevin 11, you'll get to know Grandpa Max as well as Ben's cousin, Gwen. And of course, the man aliens including Stinkfly, Heat Blase, XLR8, Four Arms and Cannonbolt. Each episode is packed full of excitement and cool action that will have you wishing you too had your own Omnitrix. Follow all the action as Ben and his family fend off the bad guys whilst traveling in Grandpa Max's Rust Bucket during the summer vacation, so make sure you tune in. The only place to find Ben 10 is on Cartoon Network!

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